Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This is what happened

So, Sunday evening went really well. Once I'd calmed down. And I didn't panic too much even when I forgot my lines in the middle.

The evening went like this. First on was Steve Aston and band (one man) (I can't really comment on what he was like as I was in a place of terror at that time) followed by me reading Wendy Cope poems and some poetry by friends. Then it was the amazing Scotty, a singer/songwriter. Husband said she sounded a little like Tanita Takara (but I've never heard of her and think husband may have dreamt her). More me reading a poem and some prose of my own creating. Followed by the fabulous Captain Cat & the Sailors. I'll post some video of them later on today (when I get back from slimming class).

The audience wasn't huge but they were very receptive to the singers and to me - keeping quiet while I read which was amazing. I was afraid I was going to have to go and slap people if they carried on talking ...

The evening raised money for Love146, an organisation working to rescue children caught in the sex trade.

And, do you know, when Dan at the end asked me if I'd come back and do it again, I did it again: my mouth said, 'Yes!'

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Rose said...

Glad all went well and you didn't have to slap anyone in the audience, Liz:) I'll be back later to watch the whole video when I have a few more minutes.