Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nobody else's granny

Remember I said that someone else's granny was going to be looking after GrandDaughter? Well, she's not.

Husband and I are going to go to Devon most weeks, as required, for a couple of days to child-mind so Daughter can get on with her freelance copywriting work. Yay!

At least we're going to give it a try and see if it works or see if Daughter and Son-in-law get fed up of the sight of us.

So tomorrow we go and we come back on Thursday evening. Then on Friday all the family come home ready for GrandDaughter's first birthday party, which is being held here on Saturday. Isn't life just so good?

(Even though I was very embarrassed in Zac's tonight because Di had brought me a birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday.)

And I am beginning to suspect that my love for my new boots is a bit excessive.


sally in norfolk said...

such lovely loving parents/grandparents you deserve to love your boots :-) :-) x

katney said...

My brother has been doing something similar for several years. The duties have changed a bit as time goes on. He now picks the grandsons up from school every Wednesday, takes them to their respective sports practices, and hangs out with them till their parents come home.

My grandchildren are too far away for a similar schedule.

Furtheron said...

First birthday!!! Crikey where has a year gone