Tuesday, November 30, 2010

George, don't do that!

We're off to Devon tomorrow - which is also husband's 61st birthday. I'm taking him to Jack in the Green in Rockbeare in the evening. It's one of our favouritest restaurants and won the 09/10 title of Best Restaurant in the West.

Coincidentally the latest newsletter from the Rosemary Conley School of Slimming gives tips on surviving the Christmas season diet intact. They include:
not having butter with your bread;
opting for the less creamy dishes;
and not eating the chocolate mint at the end of the meal (thereby saving 35 calories).

I'll obviously be doing all of those ...

Then it's home on Thursday, work on Friday and up to Derby on Saturday to see the in-laws. With a family meal out on the Saturday. Coming home on Sunday in time for me to 'entertain' a group of elderly men and women.

Some people from Linden do a monthly tea for the elderly and, as it's the Christmas party tea on Sunday, they're making it a bit longer and providing entertainment in the form of someone reading poems and me reading ... something. I'm not yet decided.

I think it will be my Joyce Grenfell take-off, a monologue in a primary teacher's voice as she tries to explain Christmas to a group of young children. The good thing is that, as they're elderly, they will remember the original Joyce Grenfell monologues; the bad thing is that they have varying stages of deafness so may not hear it.

Now I'm wondering if it was prophetic giving George his name: did I 'know' when we named him that I would frequently be saying, 'George, don't do that!' (One of the best remembered lines from Ms Grenfell's schoolteacher monologues.)


NitWit1 said...

My you are so busy! But you have a good life and it seems so well balanced. And it includes your family a lot of the time which is very good and speaks well of the family, t00

jams o donnell said...

Wow you are going to be busy Liz. As for George, would it be better to have that phrase recorded to save your vocal cords?

Rose said...

I'm not familiar with Joyce Grenfell, but how funny that this line would be a part of her monologues--I'm sure you have that sentence down pat!

My diet tip for Christmas--skip the carrots and the celery and eat the mint:)

And a Happy Birthday to Husband!

James Higham said...

I think it will be my Joyce Grenfell take-off ...

Really? I'd like to see that.

Gledwood said...

Liz I have a terrible aolofie addiction: mini hovis slices, toasted and thickly sprrrrrrrreaded with Olivio and crunchy peanut butter with very posh blackcurrant jam spread all on top. Absolutely gorge

Especially with chco-heavy mocca. Ie half a tsp Dowe Egberts mixed with 4 x v posh drinking chocolate, posher than Cadbury's but i 4get the name, twatt. Add boiling water to make a paste. Stir in cold milk. Microwave thoroughly for about 2 mins and with your peanut butter and jam hovis is's absolutely gorgeous.

ps come and see my Bower Birds, they're my 1st post Yesterday on Wendesday.

My favourite one is the clothes-peg collector. A bird after my own heart

Liz said...

Sometimes the balance is a little precarious, nitwit! But I haven't dropped anything yet!

What a good idea, jams!

No mint but sticky toffee pudding and clotted cream instead, rose!

It's not as impressive as I might hope, james!

Coming to see you now, gledwood!

MaryB said...

Thanks for the reminder of wonderful Joyce Grenfell's George, Don't Do That! Believe it or not, I have a JG album (yeah, the old-fashioned vinyl kind) where she does the routine. Amazing the number of ways the phrase can be said and infused with all manner of meaning! Thanks - made me laugh this Saturday morn.