Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A bible study!

Acts 19:23-41 Subtitled, the riot in Ephesus.

A few paragraphs about local tradesmen - who made their money out of making idols and souvenirs for tourists - rioting because so many people were becoming Christians that it was affecting their livelihood. And how the riot ended peaceably when the local Mayor or equivalent pointed out that the Christians hadn't actually broken the law or if anyone thought they had then it should be pursued through the courts.

So a bit of a non-event until you consider that in about three years, what started as a tiny group of Christians, in a town of maybe 200,000 people, had had such an effect that people weren't just started to talk but were up in arms.

Do we as Christians have that effect today?

Oh and, as the mayor pointed out, the Christians hadn't blasphemed against the Greek gods or damaged the temples. In fact they had befriended, and had the respect and support of, important local Greek officials.

Plenty of lessons for us. If we're willing to learn.

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