Monday, September 20, 2010

Mm, yes

I have said that I will have coffee (or tea in my case) with three different people, all going through difficult times. How has this happened? This is not me. I am not a counsellor; there are people far better qualified than I, people who can say something more useful than, 'oh dear, oh dear.'

I never have wise advice; my only attribute is that I am a good listener. Oh and possibly that I'm available unlike people who go out to work full-time. Yes, that's probably it. 'She's not a lot of use but she's there.'

I can live with that. And, by the way, I'm not being self-pitying or putting myself down; I'm just being realistic. I know my limits.

(Dash, I just dropped a bit of Ryvita on the floor. That might not sound like much of a tragedy to you but when it's a precious part of your calorie-controlled diet it is, I can assure you.)

Talking about being a good listener, I was talking/listening to someone yesterday who's one of those very intense people. Looks you in the eye and won't let go until you've responded, and won't accept my normal, 'mm, yes,' when she says, 'Do you understand what I mean?' but wants a more certain reply and, when I have to say, 'no, not really,' explains again.


katney said...

Listening is important. And not everyone can be a good listener. You have that talent and it is a treasure.

Rose said...

Sometimes just being there and being willing to listen is all that's needed. I'm sure you're appreciated more than you realize, Liz.

MissKris said...

I'm a good listener, too. And I also have "Dear Ann Landers" written all over my face, I think. People have always tended to tell me all their life's dark secrets. I don't understand why, since I'm one who reveals so little of the DEEP me to anyone.