Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I don't know what these flowers are but I planted them about 2 or 3 years ago - probably 3 I think - and they've really come into their own this year. They've bloomed for months, withstanding all the July and August rain. They're definitely the most successful flower in my garden.* * * * * * * * *
In slimming class the teacher said I could eat a little bit more so I dragged Husband off to Verdi's ice cream parlour. Normally on a Tuesday I make cake for Zac's and some of that is my after weigh-in treat but tonight it's special at Zac's (more in a minute) and I'm not making cake so I had to have ice cream. Didn't I?

We walked George around the cliffs first and all the time I was getting my mouth in shape ready for dollops of apple crumble and praline pecan ice creams. We got to Verdi's and ... they'd run of apple crumble ice cream! Horror of horrors! I was dicombobulated. I had to make a quick decision and had toffee instead. It was nice but I should have settled for double helpings of praline pecan.

AND it was my second shock of the day.

On the way back from taking Younger Son's car to the garage for its MOT we passed the butcher's. Or rather we passed what used to be the butcher's but is now closed down -for retirement! For heaven's sake, nobody told me! There were no signs up saying he was retiring. He's just upped and gone. He told me he was going on a cruise; I wonder if he decided he preferred that life to chopping up bloody carcasses every day. I can't think why.

And it's really hard to find a good butcher. Or to find any sort of butcher that isn't part of a supermarket. I'm going to have to drive much further now. Some people are just so inconsiderate ...

* * * * * * *
Tonight at Zac's we have Barry Mcguire, he of Eve of Destruction fame. A legend in his own lifetime for some of us left-over hippies. I'm hoping we'll be able to film some of it and put it up here so watch this space!


Anna said...

Is it rudbeckia? xx

Leslie: said...

I decided this year (too late) that I need some yellow flowers in my garden and will put in some black-eyes susans next year. I saw lots of them flourising in neighbours' gardens and they looked lovely.

Rose said...

I'm pretty sure (98%) your yellow flowers are Helenium, commonly known as sneezeweed. They're beautiful, Liz; don't you love flowers that come back without any work on your part? They're my favorite kind:)

Ooh, I do hope you'll get some video of Barry McGuire!

MissKris said...

Anna says Rudbeckia...I think maybe coneflowers?? At least they look quite similar to the coneflowers here.