Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get writing!

As usual when I read my writing magazine I felt motivated to write. In particular to enter a competition to get your novel published by Mills & Boon. It's one of those upload the first chapter and see if it gets voted for type of things. As my first novel has been rejected by more agents than Harry Potter I decided to give it a re-vamp and a go.

Then last night I was lying in bed thinking, 'Do I really want my novel published by Mills & Boon?' (You notice I'd skipped the comments and voting bit and went straight to assuming I'd win?) It's not that I'm a literary snob - far from it: I'd be happy to be published by anyone - but M&B are the magazine versions of novels; there is a fast turn-over of publications. I want my novel to be a bit longer-lasting and more cherished than that.

So I'm also going to submit to a publisher, also mentioned in the magazine, that is accepting unagented manuscripts.

That's after I've re-vamped it of course. It was written originally in diary format - a sort of grown-up Bridget Jones - but several people said that was old hat now, so I'm converting it to third person narrative.

Which is what I'm supposed to be doing now. Not blogging about doing it. But I have to empty my brain first.

Incidentally my Munch the Cow story didn't win either. And, by way of nothing, I've suggested that I should write an article about herbal sexual therapies for a website. The research should be interesting if nothing else.

And I need to try and make progress with Novel Number 2.

But I have to make a phone call first.

And I must remember that the Mills & Boon comp closes on 22nd September. The website, if you're interested in submitting a chapter is

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Pleased you revamped it from a "Diary style" novel ... goes straight back on the shelf for me .. all a bit boring written like that, and I just skim through it. Hope you find someone to publish it.. I could never write a book, hard enough job with my blog :-)