Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do I look that old?

Our kitchen isn't small; some would say it's quite big. So how is it that, when I'm cooking, I not only cover every work surface but I run out of space as well?

At least I had an excuse today as I was making sponge cake, nut roast and brownies all at the same time. I'm just hoping I didn't put curry paste in the brownies. I'll have to taste one later to check.

And I must stop working in ounces. When I'm shopping and my recipe says I need 8oz nuts I have no idea how many grams that is, so I guess and allow extra just in case, and I always end up with far too much of everything.

I still work in gas too. So when I check a recipe for an oven temperature I read the gas mark and convert it to electric. Even when it's given in electric.

I was talking to an old man while waiting in the queue at the co-op this morning. I commented on the chocolate Father Christmases they had on display and he started talking about the old days and 'do you remember when kids were satisfied with something their father had made and a tangerine?'
'Um, no. I have come straight from exercise class so might look your age but I'm not that old.'
(I didn't say that; I just nodded.)


James Higham said...

Yes, hardly complimentary, was it?

Berni said...

I cook just like you. Every counter covered and I have to convert every recipe. Nut roast sounds good

nick said...

Jenny seldom weighs anything, she just guesses at the right amount or goes by a spoonful. It usually works out, though the phrase "my hand slipped" does crop up quite regularly.

I remember Xmas stockings with tangerines and nuts very well. And "Father Christmas" sneaking into my room at dead of night.

Leslie: said...

First off, NO you don't look old at all and that fellow must have needed new spectacles.

However, I do empathize with you about the measuring because I still think in imperial measures when Canada has been metric for ages already! I even had to learn metric for when I taught Grade 4 - I'd never heard of a decameter before. *sigh*