Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Head needs emptying ...

Phew, my head is fit to burst so full is it of things I haven't blogged about.

Husband went up to Derby to collect the in-laws on Saturday and the plan was that he'd take them back next Saturday. However, by Sunday afternoon Mother-in-law was asking when she could take the train back. It was eventually agreed that Husband would take them on Thursday but yesterday it became today.

I must be a very bad hostess!

Anyway, now I have a chance to get on the computer and spend some time emptying my brain. The question is shall I do it chronologically or as it comes? Blorg, as it comes is probably sensiblest. (Yes, blogger, I know sensiblest isn't a word you recognise but I like it. I understand the rules so I can break them.)

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katney said...

I doubt that you are a bad hostess. In fact I imagine you are a wonderful hostess. Some folks are just not comfortable outside their comfort zone (?) and aren't up for much in the way of adventure--especially as they get older. (I'm not one of them.)