Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toys for boys

Husband is a very trusting fellow: he always believes what the weatherman says. He's always checked the weather forecast at least once a day and since he started preparing for retirement it's been twice a day.

So I thought I'd get him a weather station as a retirement present. Initially I thought of one of those white boxes in the garden (I've since found out it's called a Stevenson Box) but as I investigated I decided a wireless electronic one would be more fun.

It's terribly complicated and involves different bits being set up around the garden. Here Husband is fitting the wind vane on the garage. Only problem is that it's reading back to front so if the wind is from the west it says east and so on, but I'm sure that's only a minor hiccup. Unless it brings unexpected snow.
Husband is now checking - and telling us - what the weather is doing every twenty minutes. But I expect the excitement will wear off. I hope ...
Me, I just look out of the window.

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Furtheron said...

I got something similar for my brother for his 50th... only on that one the display is a lady who takes off more clothes the hotter it is... :-)