Sunday, May 16, 2010

I survived!

The river Wye, at Hay, peaceful in the early evening. Earlier in the day this particular stretch had been busy with groups of canoeists of all ages and abilities. Including our motley crew.We were fortunate to have a beautiful day in between two wet ones. Also fortunate - for me - anyway - that we've had very little rain this year, meaning the river was low and calm. Even the 'rapids' we went through were little more than large ripples.

I took a waterproof camera with me but it's one of those now-antiquated film cameras so I've no photos of us on the river yet. Just take it from me that it was idyllic paddling gently down the river, appreciating the wildlife, including herons and loads of sand martins nesting in the banks.
Idyllic but flipping hard work!

I refused to go in a canoe with Husband as we've come to blows on the dance floor so thought it safer for each of us to be with someone we'd feel less inclined to yell at, allowing us to save our energy for the work. It looks so relaxed but by the end of the day my hand and arm were in agony.

We had a barbecue lunch but I took a slimming sandwich I'd prepared earlier and didn't eat the cake. How noble is that? My resolve weakened in the evening though and I had fish and chips. In my defence it was a group meal and everyone - well almost everyone - was having the same thing so it was simpler. And I'd canoed for 4 hours.

More importantly I didn't have banoffee pie, like Alice,
or poached pears, like Neil,
or plum and apple crumble, like Andy,
or, most temptingly, blueberry cheesecake.
That was Husband's and I had just a teeny tiny teaspoonful of it to sample: it was heavenly. Light and creamy and oooooh delicious.

One day, when I'm not on a diet, I'm going back there just for the cheesecake.


Gledwood said...


I remember going canoeing when I was about 17... what I recall most vividly about wetsuits is the luuurvely way the cold water trickles in, right down your back, ever so slowly... If I ever do that again I don't care if I get called a wimp but I will wear a DRY suit!!

I don't blame you for not sharing a boat with your other half. The person at the back does all the steering, as you know. And if that person happens to be inept, as they were when I was at front of the canoe, you go round and round in circles...

Furtheron said...

Sounds brilliant

jams o donnell said...

Congratulations Liz!

Leslie: said...

I would have been hard pressed NOT to have ordered the crumble! It's my all-time favourite type of dessert - well, and the cheesecake, too. lol

katney said...

I knew you'd have a good time. And consider how many calories you used paddling.

NitWit1 said...

We had cheesecake at Life Groups today. It was sliced like a pie. I took the narrow tip of two flavors but left the majority.

sally in norfolk said...

sounds a fantastic day and you did very very well :-)

Anonymous said...

you are doing really well with the diet :0) I have no will power at all!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Very noble indeed! You are very brave, going in a canoe at all!