Monday, May 24, 2010

I blame Twiggy

We're off to Kefalonia on Thursday for a wedding. And a holiday of course. Yesterday I finally realised that I'd run out of next weeks. That is, I couldn't say, 'I'll go next week any more'; I couldn't put off shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding any longer. So I dragged Husband to M&S with me. (He needed trousers and a shirt too.)

It used to be that M&S catered for the, let's say, more shapely woman but not any more apparently. Just because they use skinny bints in their adverts they feel they have to make their clothes suitably skinny too.

Well, Mr M & Mr S, not all of us are flat-chested.

I tried on a lovely size 14 dress. It was loose everywhere except across my boobs where it wasn't just tight but uncomfortably tight. My choices: get a bigger size; choose another dress.

I chose another dress. No way was I getting a size 16. Not when I'm on a diet.

And I'm not the only one. I was talking to a friend of my uncle's who said she's a size 10 but the t-shirts she'd bought in M&S were too tight. They'd better sack their marketing people. It's all very well having adverts that get the men excited but it's the women who do most of the shopping.

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sally in norfolk said...

I need a dress for a wedding too and I keep putting it off and off only 3 weeks to go now , best i not go looking in M and S