Friday, March 26, 2010

Lenten thanks 38

Today I'm grateful for ... my job. Yes, I know I grumble about it, and I've even been known to say a word or two about my bosses but that doesn't mean I don't value it.

It all started a long time ago. I don't remember exactly when but I was at a low point. I think it was coping with babies flying the nest along with the ever-increasing anxiety Ifrom which I was suffering. My friend, Janet, who was Linden's administrator then, asked me if I could help her with a few things. She meant on a weekly basis and that she'd pay me.

As the church grew and its activities increased so did the administrator's workload, and eventually the Trust took me over, so to speak, as Assistant Administrator and paid employee. I've carried on, with growing responsibilities ever since, until last year, when Janet retired and I became Administrator-in-chief (not really -in-chief). It's a part-time job, 10 hours a week, and it's just enough for me. Enough to keep me sane but not enough to drive me mad.

And really I owe it all to Janet. She saw the state I was in and 'created' a job for me, paying me out of her own money, and always being on my side. We've had ups and downs as boss and employee but our friendship has survived.

Like any job there are bits I like more than others. I enjoy the creativity of the movie notices, posters, magazines and such; I dislike insurance, invoices and, I suppose, most administrative jobs. Really it's a good job I was doing the job before I was taken on by the Trust: nobody in their right mind would pay to be an administrator. I wouldn't even get to the interview stage.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How wonderful of your friend Janet to take you under her wing so to speak. I didn;t really suffer from babies flying the nest, but anxiety. Now I am anxious when my husband goes away for work, He went a week ago and is not back until 20th April. I love the job I do, it can be hard, at the same time, but also unrealiable.. only work when we have conferences,... no conferences no work. I am looking at taking the step out .. oh it is hard. Well done, Liz

Lia said...

I miss proper work, the routine of getting up and leaving the house.
The routine of fitting your life round the hours you spend away from it.

It's not the same getting up and wandering into another room in the house to do my work, I have been known to still be in my pj's when Francis gets home and I certainly have no house hold routine these days.

Funny how work can become s important in your daily life.

have a lovely weekend
much love

Leslie: said...

I'm glad you enjoy it and it's just enough time away from home for you. I enjoy my work IN my home now since I don't have to be bothered by any of those - er, um - administrators! lol I work about 10 hours a week, too, but do try to put on a bit of lipstick before my students arrive. And depending on the weather and the student(s) I might even offer them some tea or hot chocolate or a cold drink.