Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lenten thanks 7

Quite early in our married life Husband bought me a Kenwood food processor for Christmas. I was delighted and amazed: a few months earlier I'd see one in a Good Housekeeping magazine and thought how wonderful it would be to have one but I didn't think I'd mentioned it.

Whether Husband got lucky in his inspiration or whether I was talking about it in my sleep I'll never know but I was and am very grateful for it.

People often compliment me on my sponge cakes: I put it down to my wonderful Kenwood food processor.


Lia said...

My mum had that one, i guess my step dad brought it for her.
She loved it. But up until last year I didn't have a mixer and did it all by hand. Funny thing is still forget I have it and Francis is always saying why don't you use your mixer. This is normally said when I am half way through something lol
Must be like having an old faithful kitchen helper, when you use it.
much love

Gledwood said...

I thought that looked rather ancient!!

So, Liz, you obviously haven't followed the AB of C's (or whoever it was)'s advice and given up mobile phones and internet for lent. The Loose Women were chatting about this on ITV and none of them said they could possibly do this :->...

CherryPie said...

Well of course the cake talent is all yours the food processor just makes lite work of it :-)