Saturday, February 13, 2010

How was Valentine's Day for you?

I'd been talking to an acquaintance who'd had an horrendous internet dating experience and I was telling Husband about it. I said, 'I couldn't be bothered with all that again; I'd settle for a hot water bottle.'
'I'm going to make sure I go first,' Husband said. 'I couldn't manage without you.'
'Nonsense, you can cook and you know where the washing-machine is.'
'I don't need you for the housework ...' Which is where he should have stopped but as inevitably as Monday follows Sunday he continued, 'You don't do any.'

I would have argued but I'd rather be blogging.

It's a good job we'd already agreed that we wouldn't send each other Valentine's cards this year. We've never done anything more exciting than cards anyway; Husband objects to the fact that everything goes up in price around Valentine's Day. (That and the fact he doesn't have more than one romantic bone in his body.)

'I can buy you flowers another time.'
'Yes, but you don't.'
'No, but I often think about buying you flowers.'

Sigh ...


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That must be such a comfort . Still , at least , if he were ever to act on this fleeting thought , he wouldn't buy the only flower in the whole world that you really dislike !

Leslie: said...

I won't be getting a card (or anything) for Valentine's Day because Lorne doesn't "do" cards and he brings me flowers quite often just 'cuz...

But I did make him a card - just to make him feel bad. j/k

katney said...

A single long-stemmed red rose and fudge. I had to finish the fudge before Wednesday. I have finished already finished it and it is a good thing that Lent did not start any earlier.