Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Too coincidental to be a coincidence

I spent ages on Sunday afternoon looking for a book I knew I had. I went through my bookshelves several times in that 'I know it's here somewhere' manner, but with no joy. I assumed I must have lent or given it to someone.

I particularly wanted it before yesterday afternoon so I could write a short monologue from the information in it. I phoned someone else I thought probably had it: he didn't but suggested the library. I tried the library: they couldn't get it for me until the 9th.

I gave up and thought I'd have to borrow it from the prison chaplain yesterday afternoon; he didn't have a copy either.

My first choice for a monologue character had already disappeared off the face of the earth so I was getting a bit desperate now. I came home and started going through my shelves again. 'God, I really need this book!'

And there it was, not lined up neatly with the others, but actually sticking out from the shelf.

Coincidence? Maybe. But it's strange how often coincidences happen when I pray


MissKris said...


CherryPie said...

Yes far to strange to be a co-incidence :-)

jmb said...

Thank goodness. Well I know how you feel because despite owning thousands of books I think I know exactly where to find one but then I find it is not where I thought. Recently we had a book I own for my bookclub choice but I had to borrow it from the library because I could not find it on the shelves. Grumble grump.

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