Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gay rugby players

So Gareth Thomas, former Wales rugby captain, has publicly announced that he is gay. If that was supposed to be a secret it must be the worst-kept in the world.

He says that, at times, he's considered suicide. That is so sad.

He retired from international rugby a few years ago but was a fantastic player, great captain, and wonderful ambassador for the sport. I am confident that he will be amazed by the support he will receive from rugby players and fans everywhere.


CalumCarr said...

But what treatment would he have received had he "come out" before he retired or before he was a top player?

I was going to do a wee post on this. Better that I left it to a "Welshie" - hee hee

jams o donnell said...

Better out than in I say! Seriously I find it a sad state of affairs that it took so long for him to feel donfident enouth to come out.

I wondder what that says about rugby plaers and fans

Liz said...

Well, everyone 'knew' he was gay but he was married so I suppose that made it harder. He seems to have fought against it for as long as he could but he's now divorced. As he said, statistically, there must be others in the top leagues.

Jay said...

Gareth Thomas is gay?? Say it isn't so!

No, I had no idea. LOL!

Furtheron said...

Really who cares.... he is a brilliant rugby player.

As was once said in a learned music journal about Rob Halford (lead singer with Judas Priest) when he came out... "I don't care if he ****s kangaroos the guy is a brilliant singer".

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