Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things have changed

When my babies were born the midwives whipped them away, wiped and weighed them before wrapping them up and passing back to me; Grand-daughter was given a quick wipe and then straightaway laid skin to skin with mum to help bonding.

We laid our babies on their fronts or sides anywhere in the cot, and fed them for 10 minutes a side; Grand-daughter is lain on her back 'feet to foot' (feet against the end of the crib) and fed one breast at a time (empty one on one feed and the other next time).

Ideas may change but babies are always wonderful!

Now I must stop thinking about Grand-daughter (I find myself stroking her face with my cursor) and do some work!


Leslie: said...

Enjoy! Grandchildren are so special and you're being very normal.

CherryPie said...

Enjoy the magic xx

Anonymous said...


jay said...

It will all come full circle again, too - you know that, don't you? LOL!

Congratulations! She is beautiful!