Saturday, November 14, 2009

My husband, my birthday and the divorce

Why Amazon would think a fat measurer and hair-puller-outer would make good presents 'for the lady in your life' beats me but it convinced Husband.

The epilator (which, in case like me you didn't know, pulls out hairs) had very good reviews apparently. 'And because you can use it in the shower, it doesn't hurt so much,' he said.

The weighing machine not only tells you your exact weight but what percentage of your body is fat, how much fat you have wrapped around your internal organs, your BMI and loads of other things that a woman doesn't want to know on her birthday as she's just about to eat a box of Maltesers.

Other men buy their wives roses.

I will forgive him soon. I expect ...

Oh, yes, and I nearly forgot: my birthday fell on one of our Thrive (circuit training) days. I was driving home from Devon in the afternoon and I told Husband, 'I'm not going to Thrive.'
He said, 'Why not?'
'Because it's my birthday!'
'I'm going. I'll get us fish and chips on the way home if you like.'

Good job Daughter had spoiled me with a lovely breakfast of croissants and home-made jam.

Other men buy their wives roses and take them out for meals.


Shirley Davis said...

I hope you had a happy day - I was at mum & dad's for the day helping to nurse him and look after mum & Barbara for a while as they are on duty with him 24/7 now - it won't be much longer - but we keep saying that.

MissKris said...

You could look at it this least he remembered! This is where remembering it's the thought that counts more comes in, eh? Bless his heart! And those of us who've been long-married sometimes need to think, "At least we still have a husband!" More and more of our contemporaries are dying or facing major health issues. Life's priorities can put a WHOLE different light on things, can't they? And happy belated birthday,'s been an especially hectic week and I haven't gotten out much for 'visiting'. My oldest grandson's decided he doesn't need naps anymore. Oh, but how Grandma wishes he did!!! HA!

jams o donnell said...

Ah Liz, I am sure you could use the epilator to torture the husband a little!

Note to self... The not wiffe is getting perfume and some books this Xmas!

Dragonstar said...

Amazon comes up with some strange ideas at times, and now I know why. It's to con the men into buying redundant stuff before the sales start!

Leslie: said...

I received a surprise bouquet last night! He got paid....

CherryPie said...

My Mum buys me flowers on my birthday ;-)

nick said...

So for husband's birthday, you could get him a deluxe waxing kit?

jmb said...

that what I say too. Other men do this or that. Did we marry brothers or something? Brothers in spirit at least.

Furtheron said...

meal? Roses?? :S

Confused - what's wrong with a hedge trimmer?

Liz said...

THinking of you, shirl.

He is reminded often enough, kris!

Don't think I haven't thought of it, jams!

Precisely, dragonstar!

Oh don't rub it in, leslie!

That's nice, cherrypie.

I think I'll just offer to de-hair his back myself, nick. Slowly and painfully.

I think there are lots of them out there, jmb.

That's true, furtheron. I'll put one on my list next year, shall I?