Thursday, September 03, 2009

Crazy as a dog

We thought this was an unusual plant to find growing wild around the cliffs so I investigated: it was plastic. It looked very pretty though.

* * * * * * *

George gets very excited when he meets other dogs when we're out. Not always but usually he'll run around like a crazy dog. Today we met two dogs as we were on our way down a narrow, muddy hill path. George proceeded to show us up and go temporarily deaf. He also becomes oblivious to all that's around him. So when he charged towards me, he wasn't 'seeing' me.

That's the excuse I'm giving him for taking my legs from under me and sending me sprawling. The other dog owner was most concerned. 'Oh dear, are you all right?' she said.
'I'm absolutely fine: I had a soft landing.'
Yes, I landed on George - and serve him right too!

And what was Husband doing? Was he rushing to my aid, to help me up?
Was he heckaslike. He was laughing so hard it's a wonder he didn't fall off the edge of the cliffs. (Or get pushed later on.)

Of course with my old bones I'll probably have seized up by tomorrow. That's the excuse I'm preparing anyway for sitting with my feet up all day.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I apologize, Liz. When I read the line "Yes, I landed on George - and serve him right too!" I started laughing to the point tears are running down my face. So don't blame your hubby; after all, he was there and I saw you land only in my mind's eye.

BTW (I'm still laughing) was George OK?

Lia said...

Silly George and naughty hubby.
Boys and their antics!!!!

I do hope you are in the morning.
Even if you are, you should still make those two naughty boys wait on you hand and foot tomorrow.

Much love,
Lia xx

Rose said...

The nice thing about plastic plants is that they don't need watering:) You should not only put your feet up all day tomorrow, but Hubby should cook dinner for you as well. You might have a delayed reaction from the fall.

Glad to see you're still blogging...when I saw the photo of Daughter and her potty, I wasn't sure you'd still be alive:)

NitWit1 said...

Maybe hubby should cook all day.He may actually be a good cook, although my husband makes sure I don't like his cooking so he doesn't get stuck doing it too often.

After all, some body parts may be totally immobile. Don't know what to say about George. Nothing works on Luckie.

jay said...

OUch. Yes, you'll be sore - and maybe George will, too. :p

You're lucky you didn't go over the edge! The pair of you!!

Love the plastic carnations. Could fool anyone you know. Of course they could. LOL!

Oh, and I did your photo meme thingy today. :)

James Higham said...

They're growing plastic now? How?

Suburbia said...

Always good to have an excuse to put your feet up!

Trubes said...

I'm sorry Liz but I laughed too.
Hope you're not too sore .

Did George laugh too?


Liz said...

Yes, George was fine, thank you, nick!

I was fine the day after, lia. I must be fitter than I think!

He had to do all the weekend cooking for the family, rose, as my tummy was upset!

I'm just gald it was me he knocked over and not the other dog-owner, nitwit!

My knee is still bruised, it's true, jay.

Ingenious the Welsh, james.

I think so, suburbia!

I think he was too busy wondering what I was doing on top of him, trubes!