Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The cheating Quins

I've had a new article published on the Sportingo website about Harlequins, rugby, joke blood and cheating.

If you haven't heard about the affair it concerns one Harlequins rugby player who was told to feign a blood injury to allow a substitution. When the trick was in danger of being exposed, a cover-up, involving the team doctor cutting the player's mouth with a scalpel, was mounted. It has been a few weeks of shocking revelations that have damaged the good name of rugby.

When Husband played played rugby you only went off if you'd broken your leg and they could see the bone sticking out. Otherwise you were told to get on with it and not let the team down. Since the discovery of AIDS, players are bundled off at the first sign of a bit of blood for staunching. Ee, things aren't what they used to be.


Lia said...

Liz, that's a very good article you have written there.

When do you find the time for everything you do?

Much love,
Lia xx

James Higham said...

Yes, I've been following this one but the sacrifices will not suffice. Thw wolves are at the door.

Lindsay said...

I too have been following this rugby story - my son played for Harlequins under Will Carling just before the professional game came into being. I think the whole thing is awful and also feel the player who used the blood pellet should be banned as well for a longer period of time. I wonder what Deano will do next?