Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well done, Cadburys!

Back on March 4th I reported the decision of Cadburys to use fairtrade cocoa for its dairy milk bar - and to follow that with a gradual changeover to fairtrade cocoa for all its products. (If you recall their decision was announced the day after I declared that I would in future only buy fairtrade chocolate. they knew they couldn't afford to lose me as a customer.)

Anyway here it is: a fairtrade bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk.

I had to buy one, obviously, to show my support for their action. And how much better it will taste knowing I am helping others as I eat.

May I encourage you all to rush out and show your support too?!


nick said...

Haven't seen those yet. Must keep an eye out for them. I'm all in favour of Fairtrade.

Gledwood said...

Well they've gone a long way. Back in the mid 80s we phoned their public relations dept to find out what the animal oils listed in the ingredients of Cadbury's chocolate gateau were... and the (sheepish and reluctant) reply? WHALE oil!!!

100% true! I was there!!

Anna said...

Hurray!! where can I get it?!

CherryPie said...

Well done Cadburys but I will still be sticking to my fave fair trade chocolate :-)

jmb said...

Love to but I dare not. I could not just buy and eat one.

Mauigirl said...

Good to know!

Rose said...

I'm sure you made all the difference in getting Cadbury's to change to fair trade, Liz! I will see if we have these in the US, too; I certainly want to support such a worthy cause--it does come in dark chocolate, doesn't it??

Thanks for the review of The Help--sounds like a book I would enjoy. And I've left a comment on your zinnia post last week; it's lovely, by the way.

Liz said...

the packaging is quite subtly different so you'll need to look carefully, nick.

Whale oil?!!! Oh no, gleds!

I bought mine in the enwsagent so i think it is available anywhere.

that's okay, cherrypie.

It's good to know it's available though, jmb!

It is, mauigirl.

Cadburys are starting with the milk chocolate and then gradually converting all their chocolate to fairtrade, rose.

Shirley D said...

We've noticed this too and it tastes even better IMHO!
(your old mate here!)

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