Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I had just about resigned myself to not having a lime green fridge as it was too expensive when I visited Lia's blog and saw her post full of lime green and pink photos! Now I so totally like want it all over again. (I must stop mixing with young people.)


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I've never seen a lime-green one. I must get out more often. ;-)

Lia said...

Oh dear, so long as your husband doesn't give me the bill for the fridge lol.
I fear your hubby may consider me a bad influence if I keep this up. However,I have to say that I love that fridge and in that colour mmmmm!
Much love Lia xxx
Ps it would make a foggy summers day seem so much brighter.

nick said...

You might think lime green is really exciting and edgy right now, but would you still think so in six months' time?

Liz said...

Oh nick! How very male of you!

CherryPie said...

I don't think I could face one that bright first thing in a morning LOL

Liz said...

But wouldn't it brighten your morning for you, cherrypie? It's all right: I am coming round to a grey one. (Big sigh.)

MaryB said...

Totally cool! Lime green is always cool. You just change-up the contrasting color (pink for a while, then turquoise, etc.).

jay said...

Aaaaaaah! I had to go emergency fridge/freezer shopping this evening, because ours died suddenly after a power cut, and I fell in love with a Smeg. There it stood in all its curvaceous, chrome-handled, retro styled cream-enamelled pulchritude and whispered 'take me home with you!' I wanted to hug it.

Unfortunately several things came between us. First the fact that it had no freezer space (although I was assured that one with freezer space could be ordered for me), secondly the price tag was just a whisker under £1,000, but the deal breaker - the salesman told me that the actual workings of a Smeg were on about the same level as any old Hotpoint or AEG etc. They are Nothing Special when it comes to actually keeping things cold.

Coming into the shop straight from tossing roughly £70 worth of food into the dustbin, that kind of matters to me, and we closed on a Liebherr with freezer space, a nice simple inside layout ... and a fairly ugly stainless steel exterior. But part of my heart will always belong to that Smeg.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think they make one with the Eiffel Tower on and I wanted that for a long time. But I cover any fridge with magnets so it doesn't really matter what colour it is.

Katney said...

When I got my purple microwave, folks sent me links for all sorts of purple appliances.

Don't ask why I got a purple microwave.

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