Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Look what arrived in the post!

Some time ago Hippy Mama gave me a pouch for my mobile phone; I contacted her a day or two ago and said I'd discovered it was the perfect size for my camera when I wanted to put it in my handbag rather than in its own case, and could I order another one. Instead of replying and telling me how to order and how much, Hippy Mama generously sent me one! Thank you so much!

I put my camera in it and was going to take a photo for you to see how ideal a fit it is - but after I'd spent five minutes looking for my camera to take a photo of my camera ... (Seriously, I did. There is no hope.)

If you'd like to order one or see more of Hippy Mama's handmade from recycled materials goodies, go to her blog.


MissKris said...

What a lovely surprise! The generosity of people can be simply amazing, can't it? I recently got reconnected with a pen pal I'd had thru my teens and early 20s and when I received my first letter from her a couple of weeks ago she included a craft item she'd made for me. It touched my heart and certainly brightened my day! Thanks so much for the link to this lady's blog. I think I'd tried going to it before and it wasn't open to the public??? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. But I really enjoyed my visit there.

Anonymous said...

A sweet surprise :)
The pouch looks real nice too :)

Rose said...

LOL, how many times have I looked for my reading glasses...only to discover they were on top of my head:) How sweet of HM!

Furtheron said...


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