Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mixed reviews

The good bit: my play won the audience vote.

The bad bit: the judge said (of 4 of the 5 plays including mine), 'It felt like they were written on the backs of postcards in a lunch-hour, and a short lunch-hour at that.' Ouch!

The other judge was more constructive and I could see his point. He grumbled about the lack of drama - 'that's why it's called drama' - in all the plays. What I had tried to do was take a 12-minute monologue and turn it into a 30 minute play. What works in a monologue - following through one idea - doesn't hold up in a play. So that was quite helpful.

I'm not entirely sure what happens now. I think my play goes on to the Final but the whole future of the Play-offs seems to be in doubt, so we'll see.

P.S. The judge who talks to my cleavage spoke to me before the show and asked about what I was writing these days - and I didn't even mention my play! How noble/stupid was that?!


Hullaballoo said...

At least you got the audience's support. I think the judges have been watching too much of the X factor. Sending hugs to you, being criticised is never easy.


Amanda said...

((hugs)) take on board the constructive advice and ignore the rest.

The audience obviously loved you!

Furtheron said...

Go Liz... ignore the judges they have an ego to stroke and a career to protect... :-)

There is a view that the audience is always right.

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