Wednesday, March 11, 2009

George here!

Mum said if I behaved for 10 minutes I could do some blogging so here I am!

Not that I wasn't behaving before. I mean, if it's on the floor, it's mine, right? So if Mum puts a rug on the floor then she should expect me to scratch it and chew it. It's what i do. Just like if anything goes in the recycling bins they're mine. Mmm, I had a lovely Pedigree beer tin yesterday. Peach tins are okay for a lick but not so nice and chewy as beer cans. And sardine tins, mmmmmm.

Cereal boxes aren't so tasty but they're good fun to shred. And yogurt pots, if I can get one, are okay but once I've licked it clean and nibbled it, it gets a bit boring. Nothing like a beer can, which is the best chewy. I heard mum say that there is rugby on next weekend: that means I'll get lots of beer cans! (Did you like the way I used a colon there? Mum is very insistent on me using proper punctuation.)

I met Major in the woods yesterday. He's my friend. I saw him before mum did and I ran to meet him. But he's mad! He's just like my cousin, Holly. He leaps off the side of banks to get sticks from the river. I am more sensible and I find a way down the side. Best of all, I wait for Major to get the stick and then I take it off him. He growls at me when I do that but I know he's only playing.

Lots of my doggy friends growl at me when I try to play with them. I don't know why; I never growl at them. You'd think everybody would want to have fun with me.

I'm getting bored with blogging now. It must be time for mum to take me for walkies soon. Ooh, I can see mum's slipper under the desk. Oooh, I'd better get it. My teeth are starting to itch again.

I'll ask mum to put a photo of me on so you can see what a good-looking boy I am. (I just asked mum and she said I couldn't say I was handsome. 'Why not?' 'Because it's boastful.' 'But I am handsome.')


Katney said...

Yes, George, you are indeed handsome!

Furtheron said...

Very handsome.

Now where is a cereal box I can shred up - that sounds like fun :-)

Jay said...

"Did you like the way I used a colon there? Mum is very insistent on me using proper punctuation"

Well, quite right too, George - you don't want to be mistaken for a LOLcat, now do you? ROFL!

Rose said...

Oh yes, you are very handsome, George! Since you are so intelligent, George, perhaps you could help me with a problem: Sophie has taken a liking to my hallway carpet and has chewed up a strip over two feet long. How could I persuade her to chew on beer cans instead? Of course, she's just a young pup, so maybe something other than beer cans would be appropriate.

P.S. I might need more advice as time goes on, if you don't mind, George.

Anonymous said...

Handsome is as handsome does, I always say...

Whatever that means.

Liz said...

Woof, woof, I'm excited! All these people talking to me!!!

Thank you, Katney! I told mum you said that and she just raised her eyebrows.

I have some cereal boxes I could lend you - just lend, mind - if you wanted, Furtheron. It is fun!

Cats? Aarrhh, no, Jay! Cats are not as smart as I am.

Hello, Rose. Mum showed the photo of Sophie. She is very pretty. I could give her lots of helpful advice. And I will tell you what I told mum: if it's not meant for me to chew, don't put it on the floor! I was very excited last weekend as mum put down two new rugs in the hall - but she shouts if I so much as look hungrily at one. But sometimes I can't help myself and my teeth itch or my claws tingle and I have to do something!

I does handsome very well, Aileni - although I am not sure that is good grammar.

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