Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheering for England

Wales beat Italy yesterday, but, good grief, it was a boring and lifeless game.

Unlike England's triumph over France today. 29 - 0 at half-time?! What happened to England, whose ill-discipline and lacklustre style has demonstrated itself over the last three games? What happened to France, after their last brilliant performance put paid to Wales' chance of a Grand Slam?

Actually I think if an English player had been sin-binned today, Martin Johnson would have killed him. Seriously. It wouldn't have been safe for the player to go back to the changing-room afterwards.

Now, it gets complicated. If Ireland beat Wales next week they get the Grand Slam for the first time since 1948 or something like that; if Wales wins they will wear the Triple Crown (having beaten Ireland, England and Scotland) but unless they win by about 13 points, Ireland will still take the championship.

All to play for.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Never watch Rugby...but I am sure my mum and stepfather and his family will be rooting for Ireland!!!! They are all Irish through and through.

Lindsay said...

At least England got it all together - yes - it was a good match. I must say I hope Ireland win their grand slam (sorry!!!).

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz

Went round to my friends today and got talking to her husband about Rugby..I know he is very interested..well turns out that he comes from Waikato, New Zealand the same town as Warren Gatland the Welsh coach!!!

Liz said...

You've had a rugby-weekend in spite of your lack of interest then, Anne! It's a small world.

I just don't like Brian O'Driscoll or Ronan O'Gara though, Lindsay. Although I'd rather Ireland win it than England!!

Lindsay said...

Touche !

Furtheron said...

Finally catching up....

Yep - what the hell happened to England but more importantly what happened to France. To be honest it was their poor performance esp in the first 50 mins that flattered England.

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