Thursday, December 04, 2008

Retrieva retriever

When he phoned me last night Husband told me some exciting news! He'd heard on the radio that a new doggy gadget is being made available this month: the Retrieva.

From the Retrieva website:
Fed up with their mischievous canines roaming too far and the increasing number of dogs being stolen, the founders of Retrieva have developed a solution to instantly locate your dog by linking a Retrieva collar to your mobile phone to show its position.

All you need to do is open the mapping application on your phone and request the collar’s location, which will then appear live on the map.

The ICyou is an automated monitoring system that will alert you if the dog leaves home unexpectedly.

Sounds ideal. Husband grumbled that it didn't give the dog a short sharp shock if he left the garden but the only problem I see is that my mobile phone is old-tech. Oh, and it costs about £250. As Husband said, 'It'd be cheaper to put electric fencing all the way round the garden.'


mrsnesbitt said...

How much?
Can see thee insurance companies putting up the premium if people dont get them fitted.
Took some wonderful pics of Wilma last night...will sort them!

Furtheron said...

There might be a cheaper way and a business opportunity going begging here into the bargain.

You can sign up for tracking services where you can track your kids mobiles - so you can see where they are without having to call them and embarras them in front of their mates.

It's pretty cheap.... look at and

So ... buy a cheap pay as you go mobile for George. Get a collar that can hold the mobile and viola - much cheaper than £250...

Plus if some enterprising smart alex out there is reading this someone should manufacture a collar that holds the phone secure ... thinking about it with a phone on the dog as long as a finder could press last num dialed you could ensure that phones you so the postman can tell you George is with him before you know he is missing.... :-)

Aileni said...

You could even call him and shout at him to come home at once.
A harness might be the best thing, could also put side panels on him with advertising and a message to send him home...
oh, the possibilties are endless.

Leslie: said...

Hubby is right about the fencing, I'm sure. What about those invisible fences that give the dog a bit of a shock if the pass over it? I've had the same problem with my dogs in the past and was always on the alert should they get out. It's such a nuisance. *sigh*

CalumCarr said...

Instead of using the collar for George have you thought about putting it on Hubby. Then you'd always know where he was and be able to bring him home.

Or would you rather lose him? :-)

DeeJay said...

Funny that I also read this when I was away last week and immediately thought of George but promptly forgot about it again when I had access to a PC DOH!

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