Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ABC Wednesday - U

My Beatles song for this week is U Can't Do That. (Okay, I'm cheating a bit.) Released in 1964 as the B-side of Can't Buy Me Love, it's also on A Hard Day's Night LP.

George! U Can't Do That!

Or that!

To take part in ABC Wednesday, visit mrs nesbitts place.



Mr.Anonymous said...


richies said...

Because I've told you before, You can't do that.
An Arkie's Musings

babooshka said...

I thought across the universe. Wha on earth is that dog doing, but it is funny.

Leslie: said...

A bit of a stretch, but you and George made me laugh! lol :D

shutterhappyjenn said...

Does the dog wanted something inside?

You can check my "U" picture here. Happy mid-week!

Bear Naked said...

Looks like he can do it!!
Great post and photos for the letter U on ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

DeeJay said...

Oh yes he can

Is he in panto this year?

Gattina said...

Hey George, that's dangerous ! you won't commit suicide ?

Furtheron said...

Precisely - he doesn't need Bran Flakes at his age - he should be eating coco pops. :-)

Anonymous said...

He's hiding his face in shame... honestly.

Rose said...

Another Beatles song I don't remember! But I do recognize George:)

Sorry I haven't been around this past week--I'm still in Arizona visiting Daughter and the granddogs. Bear, her mastiff puppy, would certainly enjoy George. One day he decided to eat the People magazine I brought along--apparently he didn't think too much of their choices for "Sexiest Man Alive":)

Dragonstar said...

What would you do without George to photograph? He's priceless!

Rapid change of hat, and now I'm a rather late Team member, thanking you for your continued participation.

As if I'd miss coming over here without that as a carrot!!!

RuneE said...

U 2?

VP said...

That DID make me laugh :D

Thanks for your visit and comment over at my place today!

sally in norfolk said...

these made me laugh sssooo much....

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