Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've come over all queer

I have been so dynamic this morning! I need tea.

I've finished my play excerpt (more in a minute), emailed asking how to submit it, emailed a photographer suggesting a book collaboration, emailed a publisher to ask about submitting another ghosted autobiography - and prepared it for submission - and it's not even 12 noon yet. (Well, it is but that's dramatic licence.)

Remember before I went on holiday I said I was going to use the time on the plane to write a play? No? Well, I did say it and I did do it. Although I cheated a little.

A few years ago I wrote a monologue that is very well-received whenever I read it aloud. I sent it to BBC Radio but they said, 'Nobody likes monologues,' (unless the author is Alun Bennett), so, on the plane, I decided I'd re-write my monologue as a play. And that's what I've done. At least I've written the first half, which is all that is required to be submitted to the Play-Offs.

The Play-Offs happen once a month and give local writers the chance to see a 10-minute excerpt of their play performed by amateur actors. The winning plays go through to the final and then - get forgotten about usually!

So, are you impressed with my industriousness? I am. Very. Oh, and I didn't include the compiling of a list of topics for another website I'm probably going to be writing. My word. I need a lie-down.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed :0)

I've hoovered ;0)

Dragonstar said...

I'm well impressed! I put the washing machine on - does that count? Of course, that's something I do most days.
I hope all goes very well for you Liz, you deserve it.

Suburbia said...

That is incredably impressive!!
I've been busy (honestly!) but I have nothing much to show for it!

CherryPie said...

Sounds impressive :-)

jmb said...

Very busy day you have had today so I am impressed by your industriousness!

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