Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I took Betty

It rained.

A few years ago, a friend and I met regularly to pray. Our 'success' rate was such that we reached a point where, if someone was ill and asked us to pray, we said, 'are you sure you want us to pray for you? Are you willing to take the chance of hospitalisation?'

Sometimes I wonder.

But then God moves in mysterious ways. Betty's windscreen wipers started working.


CherryPie said...

I think Betty is playing games with you ;-)

Furtheron said...

Probably I'm not qualified to comment given I'm not into "standard" religion and have a sort of home grown made up kind of spiritualism of my own but to the point...

I don't pray for things to happen or not happen. I think that what will happen will happen. When something does happen that affects me though I then pray that I may simply have the strength to get through it and that if there is a solution out there the blindness of my stupidity be lifted for me to recognise it.

I do pray for other people - largely those I've got a resentment against. Again though I simply pray that they get whatever it the very best for them and try to mean it... not easy that one sometimes however.

Liz said...

Praying for those who have upset you is very hard but the very act of doing it usually eases my anger as well.

Many times strength is all we can pray for. Sometimes we can't even pray but the Bible tells us that God's spirit intercedes for us then.

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