Thursday, October 09, 2008

I don't think the operation worked

I've noticed, since he's been back from kennels, that George has developed a peculiar habit. (Yes, another one.)

When we're out walking, he waits for the muddiest, slipperiest bit of path by the river, the bit that takes all my concentration to avoid falling in, before he charges full pelt and leaps up, muddy-pawed, at me. If he hadn't had the operation I'd be convinced he was trying to assert his alpha male dominance but surely he's not supposed to do that now?

Yeah, like he's not supposed to wander any more.

He'd run on a bit ahead so I didn't see him being set upon by another dog. I just heard the squealing and saw him running back to walk casually by my side, carefully keeping me between him and his attacker. The owner of the other dog was most apologetic and must have thought I was an uncaring so-n-so when I said, 'Pah, don't worry about it. He needs to be taught a lesson.'


CalumCarr said...

George prob knows what you've had done to him. "Sod you", he says. "Let's see what you can put up with."

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yeah, I reckon so, too. "Send me to get my bits chopped? I'll show you..."

I think it's called karma...

leslie said...

He knows who feeds him!

Mauigirl said...

Hmmm, everyone already thought the same thing I did - he's getting back at you for having his parts cut off! ;-)


Merci pour le passage et le commentaire

Lindsay said...

I thought that the effect takes 3-6 months to work.

Furtheron said...

A friend of mine was bemoaning the same thing with a young gelding she has - he has to be kept well away from the others and can't be broken for riding - not much use to her as that's her trade. She was going to take him back to the equine hospital for a second operation.

Anonymous said...

Poor George. He's probably just over compensating for his new high pitched woof. How's he going to get any credibility down at the park now? How?

Dragonstar said...

Alpha male? Running to mummy's protection doesn't sound much like that! You've survived adolescent kids, you'll survive George - maybe!

Anonymous said...

utley is so foul these days it was probably hi doing the biting..

Suburbia said...

Poor old George! Perhaps he bribed them not to do the op!!

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