Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ros and the children begin their journey home to Australia on Wednesday. Glenn is already back there and has been for a couple of months. For the last two and a half years they've been living and working in Swansea and providing vital support for Sean and Zac's Place.

I think I sort of thought that Glenn would decide he didn't really want to stay in sunny Australia and that he'd rather be in wet Wales, and he'd come back and they wouldn't move. But he hasn't and he didn't and they are.

So last night, Ros, Lucy, Wendy, Rachel and I met for a final farewell meal in a local pub, and we had a wonderful time. Our conversation started normally but soon deteriorated into a comparison of 'bad time time to fart' experiences. Let's just say that mine involved 6 men, the floor and some abdominal curling, while Lucy's ... well, she can tell you that herself.

Ros has said she will call into Zac's at the end tonight. She isn't looking forward to it and doesn't want it to be a drawn-out goodbye. We're going to miss them both for all they've been and meant to so many people. There aren't any words that will do.