Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Something is happening to my feet

You know the way old people shrink as they get older? Do they slip down into their feet?

I can't think of any other reason for my feet to get bigger, and they must be because all my shoes are rubbing me.

I usually wear my tatty old trainers or wellies to walk George and, as a result I have blisters on both heels and my extra toe. Today, even with my sore bits padded, I couldn't wear either trainers or wellies.

I dug my old walking boots out of the back of the cupboard. I don't like wearing them as it feels as if I have clodhoppers on my feet but they were my only option today. The good news is that they didn't rub my heels or extra toe. Unfortunately I now have blisters on both big toes as well.

And they leak. So I don't have a single pair of shoes that I can wear for walking that don't leave me with pruny feet. Let's hope it stops raining soon.


cheshire wife said...

Maybe your shoes are shrinking as they get older.

Aileni said...

You aren't old enough - has the weather been particulary hot with you ?
That can make your feet swell.

CherryPie said...

I think it is the heat, I have been noticing it lately too...

leslie said...

You have an extra toe???? Details, please, and photos! lol

Rose said...

Definitely the heat...
Actually, people's feet get flatter as they get older, not necessarily bigger, which is why I no longer wear trendy high heels, but go immediately to the "Comfort Shoe" section.
By the way, I was so pleased at my last doctor's appointment that I had grown 1/2 inch! As it turned out, the nurse showed me a way to stand up straighter for a more accurate measurement.
I was happy, though, because the last couple years I thought I was shrinking.

Katney said...

Your feet and your nose continue to grow as long as you live. And your hair and nails even after you die. Or so it is said--by THEY--You know THEY, don't you? Most thoroughly reliable folks.

Nancy said...

We want to see a picture of that extra toe! I'm sure it's just the heat and humidity. My feet did go up a half size and stay there after I had kids, but I'm sure your's is just temporary. Drink lots of water.

Lindsay said...

Think yourself lucky - I have size 10 feet and have to have sturdy shoes because of Wonky Knees. Consequently I buy Men's Hiking Shoes - they look enormous!! Are you a Manx cat with the extra toe?

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