Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Or maybe omega

I put some eggs on to boil for my lunch and, while they were cooking, I left two slices of bread sticking out of the toaster ready to be toasted. I left the kitchen and came into the study. Shortly after I heard a noise: George had stolen and was eating one slice of bread.

So much for my plan of eating before and in front of him in order to establish myself as alpha dog. Delta dog is more like.

And, what's more, the bread I'm eating is Kingsmill's new seed bread. Husband likes it but I feel like a parrot!


mdmhvonpa said...

It certainly sounds like George is starting to believe that he can do anything his heart desires!

Elsie said...

I believe George and Hershey must be distant relatives -- stealing food is Hersh's favorite thing. Just two days ago he ate eight (yes, eight) gigantic chocolate covered strawberries I'd just made. I was worried sick about the chocolate, but it didn't seem to hurt him a bit. As a matter of fact, he seemed delighted. I would have been delighted if I had been able to eat them, too.

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