Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been throwing sticks for Cleo when we're out but as it was intended to be a quick walkies this afternoon, I took her ball-throwing-thingy that Linda left with me. Have you seen them? They're quite ingenious and definitely the lazy person's throwing-thing.

You don't even have to bend down. Just lean over slightly and the hand grasps the ball. Then it's a tiny flick of the wrist and the ball goes off into infinity. Or at least further than it does with my girly throw i.e. more than 2'.

Our short walk turned out to be a bit longer than I'd intended as I don't do standing and throwing very well. We have to keep moving. But I'm fearful I might be making Cleo walk further than she is accustomed to: her front paw is bleeding and we've already broken her ball.