Sunday, October 07, 2007

The ayes have it

A while ago I asked a question of my readers. I asked whether I should publish a particular photo. The voting was almost unanimous (sorry, Daughter, you were the single no voter), so prior to France's big quarter-final game against New Zealand All Blacks this evening, and in case we don't get another excuse to display French manhood in its glory, here are some Stade Francais players from their book, Locker Room Nudes.


Mark said...

I always thought they had odd shaped tackle, did you see the game this afternoon.....

Liz said...

Absolutely! I even cheered for England!

stillers said...

Where's Blosum when you need him!

Shades said...

What strange shaped balls...

Anonymous said...

the camera was in the wrong position...must be another pun there too

jams o donnell said...

Damn I got beaten to a pun about tackle! On the other hand rucks and mauls could be a bit hairy when playing in the buff!

Anonymous said...


I keep looking at the back of the monitor!!!!

jmb said...

Well I'm glad the yes side won the vote since I was a for! Of course I didn't realize I was voting for a rear Full Monty.

Puss-in-Boots said...

The bottom halves don't look quite as real as the top...has there been some hair...sorry, air brushing here?

Hoto said...

nice photo. rubgy is a nice sport isn`tit ??? lol

Liz said...

Sean, if Blosum had been in the middle of that photo, they'd have to have done it landscape not portrait!

Robyn, Husband made a similar comment about the lack of hair but he reckons they've gone in for full body waxing.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Fabulous....what pert peachy bottoms...:-

Clare said...

Oh wow. Yum. GO ENGLAND!!! (I even cheered when they were against Australia - damn dual nationality!)

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