Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Tempest and the Woman who Slept

'Why didn't you tell me a tree had fallen over?' Husband asked.
'I didn't know it had. Which one?'
'The one outside this window (the study).'

It's fallen down over into next door's garden. A tree right outside our bedroom window.

I did this before. In the great storms of 1987, when we lived in Southampton, I slept through a tree falling down across the road outside our house (again in front of our bedroom). Husband was away at the time so I was on my own; I was amazed when I got up in the morning to see this huge tree lying there.

'How could you sleep through it?' people asked. I shrugged.

A friend stayed here on Wednesday night. When we got up in the morning I asked how she slept.
'Not very well,' she said. 'Did you hear the storm?'

One thing I'm good at is sleeping.


james higham said...

It's a great thing that you can do it. Great for the mental health, that is. Thousands can't.

Anonymous said...

Photo pls?

Of the tree, not of you snoring ;-)

Ian Grey said...


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hah, a kindred spirit! I, too, can sleep through storms. Our storms, being tropical, are very noisy with an amazing light show.

The morning after a storm, when I look outside and see all the debris (trees, branches, roofs), then I know we've had a storm and again, I've slept through it...

Lee said...

Oh! I want the snoring pics! (Yes...I did use an exclamation mark and you may interpret my meaning whichever way you wish. However, I know in which way I meant it.

Steve G said...

Good for you on sleeping like a babe. I'm sure your husband thinks of you as his babe.

Winston said...

Aha... another one of us! I too can sleep through anything, at least until the dog jumps on the bed and starts licking my hands. A few years ago I slept through a storm that knocked down a section of our back fence, toppled a smallish tree across our back porch and a very large, old tree that took out several others and several sections of fence. Roomie, on the other hand, wakens at the sound of a bug relieving itself on the next block.

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