Monday, January 08, 2007


Not only are the walls stripped but a large part of wall is painted in damp paint - or I suppose it is anti-damp paint - and it stinks!

The windows are open, and the heating is off. I hope the fumes have gone by bedtime. I do not want to wake up dead.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Is that the same as "dying alive" Liz? We don't want that either. Keep that air going....

Chris said...

Reminds me of an overhead piece of conversation in a Chinese restaurant, just before Christmas:

What was wrong with her then?

Nothing. She just woke up yesterday morning, dead.

Liz said...

That in turn reminds me of my auntie who was telling me how lucky her neightbour was,'She sat down in her chair and died.'

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid you wake up dead. The bedroom walls need something. Paint or paper?

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