Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our scales lie

They must do.

I have had a good eating week so there is no way that I can't have lost weight. I mean, how many calories can there be in a buttered toasted teacake, tube of Maltesers and a slice of cream sponge? Not many, precisely. Humph.

Perhaps I should write to Morrisons while I am grumpy.

They have an enormous advert outside their store saying, 'The smart way to eat healthier'. Not only is it wrong grammatically, it sounds dreadful when you say it aloud. Honestly, people get paid loads of money to write that drivel. Right, where's the Morrisons' website?

There, I've written to them!

Is that very sad?

Ah, well, better to write than eat chocolate.

Also I noticed that Tesco advertise the fact that they recycle their car-cleaning water. It's probably best to get in there early in the day then, before it's had too many dirty cars to wash.