Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Male logic

We have a new photocopier in work, have I mentioned that? It must be a Welsh one: it's called Workio. (You probably need to have some familirrity with Welsh ways to understand that.)

It's also male.

You can tell by its logic ... or lack of.

It's very clever, there's no denying that. It can do all sorts of things our old photocopier couldn't. Actually that would be most things as our old one struggled to reproduce just one page, but this one can do double-sided printing.

Now if you have two sides and you want them to come out, double-sided, on one sheet of paper, wouldn't you think that would be 2>1?

Nuh-uh. It's 1>2. Alun says that is perfectly logical; I disagree (as you can probably tell). What do you think?

P.S. The Spellchecker thinks that familirrity in the first paragraph is an okay word. It should, of course, be familiarity. (Strangely enough it is picking it up the second time but still ignoring the first usage. Must be male too.)


puddlejumper said...

Hate to say this but I figured it was 1>2 straight away.


* shrugs shoulders apologetically *

DeeJay said...

It is definitely not 'user friendly' so I particularly like the button at bottom right .... is that SAD F?

Anna said...

You're absolutely right!! It's got figure 1s above the symbols showing two pieces of paper. And figures 2s above the symbol showing one piece! Totally skewed logic. Silly photocopiers. Obviously designed for men to operate - get it added to Alun's job description.

Ian Grey said...

I'm with Alun- it is single sided to double sided and the graphic bears this out.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, it's all a bit mathematical for me but I agree it's male!

Lee said...

Most definitely male! Unable to multi-task correctly.

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