Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I thought I was going shopping ...

but I had an adventure!

It started in Borders, which is always a treat in itself. Bearing in mind Husband's admonition not to spend ANY money, I - almost - only bought cards I needed rather than cards I just liked the look of. And a book. Or two. But they are presents so they don't count.

Then I went to Tesco. Boring in itself, but I went through the self-service checkout! Yes, scanning items and weighing them just like a real checkout operator. It was like being a little girl playing shop again. It was so exciting, oh ... do you think I should get out more?


Anna said...

We did the self-service checkout once recently!! But I was scared and the queue behind me was staring at me and thinking "real checkout girls do it much faster than that" and I couldn't find the right buttons to press for peppers. And they won't let you put alcohol through and we had to call a checkout person to put her keys in. It is a big adventure though.

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