Saturday, June 24, 2006

28 years ago

... we got married on Midsummer's Day.

Husband forgot to get a card but, at least, he is here this year, which makes a pleasant change. He spent our silver anniversary playing with the Marines. And the year after that he was away on another jolly with work.

Instead of doing nothing special, as is our wont, we went for a trip today! To the forgotten gardens of Aberglasney. Until a few years ago the house and gardens were derelict; then a Trust was formed and the gardens are in the process of being renovated. The house itself looks perfectly normal from the outside but is, in fact, only a shell. The central part of the house - the rooms around what was a small courtyard - has been covered by a glass atrium and all sorts of tropical plants are being grown in there.

But really it's the gardens outside that are the joy. Even though it was a Saturday and there were quite a lot of people there, it was still very peaceful. The timing of our visit could have been better, in that we'd missed the Spring-flowering plants and were too early for most of the others, but it was still a jolly good place to spend an anniversary.

And we're going out for a meal tonight. I think this marriage lark might be okay; I'm willing to give it a few more years anyway.


Anonymous said...

A (belated) happy anniversary to you both...I'm so glad you were together this year! (As you explained in your post).

MaryB said...

A big, huge congratulations to you both! And thanks for the gorgeous garden shots -

I say with 28 years under your belt, you may as well stick with it!

M.E Ellis said...

At last! I can see your blog! Every day that I have popped in, the blog comes up but no posts!


Sweet Shirleen said...

Happy Anniversary (belated) I had the same trouble I thought you'd deserted us since Thursday!

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