Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring has sprung

We've just come back from a lovely walk over the tip. The sun is shining warm, the birds are twittering (real birds) and the gorse with its lovely coconutty smell is just beginning to bloom. You can understand why 'sweet lovers love the Spring'.

While walking, I agreed with Harvey that it was time for some serious discussion on our blog, so here goes.

I allowed myself to be persuaded by younger son to watch Neighbours at lunchtime instead of this evening - so turn away if you haven't seen today's episode yet.

I can't believe Karl Kennedy was being so high and mighty with Boyd. It was only five minutes ago that Karl was threatening to tell Susan - no, he did tell her, didn't he? - about Alex's illness. So much for patient confidentiality then. And what is this disease that dare not speak its name?

(Bother, an email has just arrived with another 'no, thank you'.)

Neighbours seems to be turning into Doctor Kildare (an ancient medical drama), what with Alex and Steph and Janae. Who will be next to come down with some life-threatening disease? It's probably Karl's fault. He's been using his neighbours - without their knowledge - as guinea-pigs in drug-testing and now all his experiments are coming home to roost.

When the Archers turned all gloom and doom, people stopped listening. Now they have gay Adam who 'can't relax until the dishes have been done.' Although anyone less gay than bitter-and-twisted-with-sibling-jealousy Adam you'd have to go a long way to find.

I don't think Janae will test positive though.


chux said...

I often think I dont really look like me anyway. In my head I look like George Clooney but the mirror tells me i look more like George Formby. The truth is I can't keep a straight face long enough to get an accurate picture taken. (when i say accurate I mean one that makes me look handsome rather than like a bucket)
Thanks for commenting on my blog! Wales was great!! Use to spend a lot of time in Neath in the past.

Liz said...

I have the same problems with mirrors!

Sweet Shirleen said...

I miss neighbours they ought to have a late night version for me!

On the subject of mirrors I want Catherine Zeta Jones mirror as she looks fab in hers!

Chris said...

I'm really sorry, Liz, I have no idea what you're talking about. Last time I saw 'Neighbours' was when Daphne gave birth in a jungle with her tights on.

Verification today is laqsfug - used to describe a bar with a smoking ban.

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