Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lunch break

That's why I'm writing again.

You might have noticed that Harvey hasn't had much to say for himself for a while. That is because he is in my bad books.

Remember those men I was talking about at the Linden trustees' meeting last night? Well, Harvey is woofing even more than that.

He lies on his bed and woofs.

He stands in the hall and woofs.

He looks at me and woofs.

If he had something sensible to say I wouldn't mind but he is just waffling. So I've told him that I'm not going to report any of his comments until he makes an intelligent one. His retort - along the lines of 'what about applying that to your blogging?' - isn't worth repeating.

And now to try and eat corn on the cob without getting it stuck between my teeth. Which reminds me that my sister-in-law is considering cosmetic dentistry to remove her teeth and replace them with nicer ones. Why anyone would want to willingly go to a dentist beats me. Especially when there is nothing wrong with her teeth (and she is an incredibly attractive woman already).