Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is it 1st April?

On the Radio 4 news tonight was an item about estate agents in New York who are showing people round apartments in the middle of night because it's more convenient. Okay, I can go with that. I suppose.

But then there was an item about an ex-chef who sleep-cooks. He's made spaghetti bolognese while asleep, and fish and chips. His wife has suggested that he could do the ironing instead but apparently he has no control over what he does.

And this is the news on Radio 4.


MaryB said...

Thanks for the heads up on midnight apartment viewings, Liz! That will come in handy next week when I'm scouring the city for my new digs!

Liz said...

These were $3m apartments!

MaryB said...

Um. OK. Maybe not.

Sweet Shirleen said...

Hmmm where to post this? Here will do, I absolutely love your blog, really enjoy reading it! Hope you don't mind me intruding!

Liz said...

You're welcome, Shirleen!

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